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This is my family's personal travel blogging site.  

I am not a DVC point broker!

Our goal is to blog about travel tips that have helped us enjoy dozens of vacations over the years, without (and now with) our kiddos!


That being said, from time to time, we will rent out our personal DVC points that our family does not plan to use.

This site provides an easy way for me to interact with the guests we rent our points to.  And lets me dabble in website coding...which is a hobby of mine.

Now, a cheesy poem for you! :)

We all love vacations.


It's a time to relax...                          

                        to spend time with cherished ones...

     to recharge...

to create a magical memory...

And if you are looking for a Disney vacation,

                        we would love to help create that magic...

unless my family does not use the points first!

“I have rented from several DVC members over the years and you are the best I have experienced.”

a DVC Friend (H.B.)

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 12.52.34
“Ok perfect. Thanks for the super quick reply!”

a DVC Friend (S.S.)

“Awesome! Thank you! You weren’t kidding when you said this was an easy process!”

a DVC Friend (J.B.)


If you got lucky to rent my points,
    then let's start creating!

If you have any questions,

just click the Chat button!

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